About Us

Sartoria [sartoˈria]: (Italian) tailoring. dressmaking. tailor's (shop) fashion house, couturier. 
Femmina [’femːina]: (Italian) female
Born from our sister company, Sartoria Triarii, Sartoria Femmina's origin is rooted in classical menswear. With a heavy emphasis on quality materials and craft, the Femmina line of womenswear shares these core principles while reaching for a more accessible characteristic. Many of our styles are somewhat structured and share design elements with classical menswear, materials of lasting, functional workwear, and the heavily textured yet subtly colored styles that have come to define the trendsetters of past generations.
This new concept aims to clothe the modern woman with timeless, quality pieces that are meant to form the foundation of her day-to-day life. While looking back at some of the most celebrated icons of bygone eras -- Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Edith Head, or Fiona Campbell-Walte – and wholeheartedly embracing natural fibers like Belgian and Irish linens, Japanese cottons, and French silks, we’ve labored to deliver wardrobe staples that can be reached for time and again.
While our founder and lead designer loves working with menswear, the truth is that the made-to-measure process is limited in many ways. The process can be slightly cumbersome for some clients, tasteful design options are often fairly limited, and guys just generally don't shop as much as women. The Femmina line was intended to expand our creative boundaries with fit, colors, and materials that can frequently be off limits in classical menswear. Thus, Sartoria Femmina was born.
We hope you enjoy walking this journey with us as we learn, grow, and celebrate the beauty of the modern woman. Welcome to Sartoria Femmina.