So you want a Femmina piece? Let's look at a rundown of the process:

1.) The first question to answer is what is a Drop?

A: Simply put, a Drop is a self-contained, limited collection of pieces that are united by a common thread. It might be a full capsule collection of items meant to be worn interchangeably, a particular fabric that's represented in each product, or a colorway that encompasses the whole thing. Whatever the reason, only a few pieces of each style will be offered and once they're sold, they're not coming back.

2.) What's the deal with Pre-Sale?

A: The Pre-Sale window will last for 14 days from the launch of any Drop. This allows us to batch orders and send them to our workshop to be produced. Since we don't make products in advance we aren't forced to sell them at a standard retail margin, making them more affordable to you. Generally, a product is shipped within 4 weeks of purchase, barring any special requirements (leather products take 75 days to produce).

3.) So, when do you offer SALES?

A: Overwhelmingly, Sales are only offered during the Pre-Sale period. That means that the 15%-off that's applied in your shopping cart is the only sale you will see for Femmina products and once the Pre-Sale ends, so does the discount. Our margins are so thin that there just isn't room for additional deals. We made the choice to offer these products at already-reduced prices so don't hold out, additional sales aren't coming!

4.) Are my products eligible for Returns & Exchanges?

A: Yes! Any order can be returned or exchanged for a different size, provided sizes are available (these are limited runs, remember?), for 7 days after receipt. The product must be unworn/unwashed/in its original packaging. If we don't have a replacement in stock we might be able to make something for you or offer you an alternative. Just contact info@sartoriafemmina.com for return/exchange information.